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We believe integrating sustainability practices into our investment decision-making and business operations is congruent with the responsibility we have to our stakeholders. We are committed to actively monitoring and improving the environmental efficiency of all current and prospective projects.

We continue to implement environmental sustainability practices in our investments, property management, development activities, and workplaces.  Some examples of the sustainability projects we have recently been involved in can be seen below.

Current Sustainability Projects

Implementation of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
Replaced lighting systems at all Hadley Green Properties
4 sites completed
3 sites in progress
2 sites in development
Expected payback: 2.5 years
Implementation of Recycling Program
Waste Assessment conducted
Recycling Program implemented
Reduction of General Waste going to landfill: 22%
Implementation of Solar PV System
Implemented 40Kw Solar PV System
Production: 47.82MWh
Emissions Reduction: 39.21 tonnes p.a.
Modules: 104
kWh/kWp: 1,594
Expected Return of Investment: 4.5 Years
NABERS rating boosted from 4.5 to 5.5 stars